—–A question. That’s how this project began. I work for a small, parent-run, non-profit organization serving families that include children with mental, emotional, behavioral or substance use disorders. We were meeting with a marketing firm to discuss how we could better promote our organization. Then they asked the question. If money was no object, what would you do? My answer had nothing to do with promoting the work of our organization. “I’d attempt to change people’s attitude toward children with mental health needs and their families.
—–It was outlandish, outrageous, out of the question. Certainly a small group of parents with limited financial resources couldn’t do that. That’s what I believed. A few months later, some of our staff was sitting around our conference table at the end of a work day, lamenting how anti-stigma campaigns hadn’t really seemed to change society’s perception of kids with mental illness. We reflected back on our meeting with the marketing firm. Then, out of the blue, another question. What if we could do something? Before we left that day, we had outlined the concept of this project. We’re not sure if it will work, but we know one thing: It’s time for the next question.

Is Anyone Listening?

Hugh Davis
Wisconsin Family Ties
We believe children with mental health needs are often judged harshly and not given the chance to highlight the unique talents and gifts they possess. We believe families are too often blamed for their children’s mental health issues, when what they really need is understanding and support. That’s what this project is about.